09 December 2010

Cheetah Relieves Itself Through Goofy Game Ranger's Sunroof - Just... I mean... wow...

I had to deliberate with myself carefully before deciding to post this. I couldn’t quite decided if this was just crass toilet humour or if it was legitimately funny. The base side of my brain – the half responsible for sexual impulses, fetishes, spontaneous bouts of violence, binge drinking and an inexplicable appreciation of SABC 1 and 2 – screamed, “Yes, damnit! It’s a cheetah pooping on a game ranger!”
The right half – responsible for logical reasoning, witty comebacks, bohemian waffling and my right index finger – said, “Oh FUCK! That’s a cheetah pooping on a game ranger!”

In the end, I didn’t have to deliberate for too long.

I’ll justify it thus, however: for centuries upon centuries, mankind has been shitting all over nature. It’s only fair that nature gets to shit al over us.

One–nil, Nature. Our move…

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