08 December 2010

PETA Kills Animals - There, i said it

Why am I posting this, when I know I’ll get flack for it? Because I firmly believe that companies like PETA and Greenpeace are the devil.

I don’t doubt for a second that the following facts are true. Biasly presented, maybe, but true non-the-less.

People often seem to forget that the majority of these giant NGOs are multinational corporations, operating annual advertising and P.R. campaigns across multiple continents. Now, anyone involved in advertising knows that these campaigns cost a fortune; we’re talking tens of millions of dollars each year, possibly close to or into the hundreds even (collectively).  In order to accomplish the mammoth task of making every single child on the planet feel guilty simultaneously for buying a puppy rather than adopting one (and, in the process, engendering life-long guilt and a subconsciously seated bitterness towards said new pet for all the innocent puppies that had to die for it to find a comfy home) PETA needs a crap load of money. 
Guess who gives it to them?


Raise your hand.

They accept millions of Dollars, Rands and gold doubloons each and every year from people who firmly believe that they’re helping defenseless animals in need and spend it on advertising and awareness campaigns, threatening tweens with cancer and global warming unless they switch to soy milk.

Kobe Beef makes this boy sad.

Here’s a fact: the more money you give to PETA, the more animals you kill.

The greater it’s popularity and income, the more influence it has. The greater it’s influence, the more opinions it develops. The more opinions it develops, the more campaigns it requires to spread them. The more campaigns it needs, the more money it spends. The more money it spends, the more innocent animals are gassed and frozen in order to free up a little capital, rather than wasting it on trivial things like feed, kitty litter and colourful, rubber balls.

Also, just to rub a little salt in the wound, don’t, for a second, believe that each animal is laid down carefully, given a scratch behind the ear, and slowly put to sleep surrounded by loved one’s. At best, they’re popping five fuzzy-wuzzies a day, production line style. At worst, they’re herding them bi-weekly into sealed chambers, gassing them, then loading them into wheelbarrows with a spade.

Don’t for a second think, however, that I am against supporting well-intentioned agencies. I regularly slip a few Rands into the SPCA tins after a shop and click the Feed a Dog button on the Barking Mad website daily (do this now!).

Why do I do this? Because these groups make a difference. They are doing great things on shoestring budgets. They are giving it their hearts because they truly care about the cause they support. They are volunteers who receive little to nothing for their efforts but the fuzzy feeling they get when an animal is adopted.

So support these guys, not the multi-national marketing firms with misleading names.

Here are the relevant links, and a graph, because every good rant needs a graph.

I’ll tell you this much; here’s rooting for a zombie apocalypse. While the rest of the hungry, living dead masses are scrambling over the brains of the common, meat-eating population, I’m guessing there’ll be a fair score of furry, necrotized friends who’ll have something a little more… vegetarian on their minds.

We’re coming for you, Ingrid Newkirk.

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