18 September 2008

Lectcha Sketch 12

The next Lectcha Sketch! Yay. Been a while coming. Oddly enough, I've posted this one now, even though I've been working on another for a while. It just so happened that this one popped up and got finished before the one that raised it's head earlier. Oh, well, them's the breaks... I've decided to become a little more professional about these comix. I've started thinking that maybe, with just a little more effort, I can turn them into something - just what though I'm not yet sure. You may notice that I'm starting to draw some colour inspiration from other comic artists. Otherwise, I'm gonna start refining my style - maybe spend more than five minutes drawing them; little things like that.


  1. yeah, flippn noob mistake. designed the thing too big, then lost detail when i scaled it down. will fix it soon.