26 August 2008

Perry Bible Fellowship

Ok, so i now that it's been ages since my last post, but life's been helluva busy the last few weeks. Got a bunch of ideas but no time to see them to fruition. As a quick post, i thought i'd do something i've been meaning to for a while. Some of you may have noticed that i have a link to something called The Perry Bible Fellowship. No, i'm not a weird, religious nutter. The site is the home page for the comic work by the illustrator Nicholas Gurewitch. He's had a pretty cool career, and if want to know more about it... well, you fingers work and god invented Wikipedia for a reason (a point of topic for a later post, by the way). All i'll say is the guy is brilliant. His comics are just about as off-beat as they can get without going too much over the line (although some might debate that... but they're wrong). So here's an example. If it tickles your prostate in just the right way, check out his site here. Careful though, first time i visited i got stuck for hours trying to get through them all. Thanks Nic P.S. i've decided that capital i's are for losers. Dot, no dot - come on! it's the same thing. It's that flipping lower-case L that's got the problem.

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