16 May 2008

Lectcha Sketch #4

Who says that puns are dead? In many respects, I find that I have a very specific sense of humour. I wouldn't be able to put my finger on it, but I am one of those people who cans himself in the cinema and then nervously wonders why no-one else is laughing. We are the few and are between. There's probably a whole thesis just waiting to be written about us. Who knows, maybe I'll get around to writing it one day, just as soon as I stop giggling every time I watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre and some one get klapped in the head with a hammer. Rare as we are though, we're our own best friends. Finding someone with a similar sense of humour as you is easy enough (and it's always fascinated me how a specific sense of humour can bridge cliques and social gaps where nothing else could) but finding someone with an almost exact sense of humour is nigh on impossible. When you encounter one of these people, as friend or lover, it's best to hang on to them, because these days a good sense of humour is rare. (We suggest a six-pack of man-cans and a copy of Eyes Wide Shut. Hysterical.) As far as the comic is concerned, you all might notice that I'm trying to use colour a bit more. this is for two reasons. The first is that, seeing as how all these pics were drawn while I was supposed to be paying attention to my lecturers, I didn't really bother with much in the way of detail. The second is that it's fun. Oh, I also need to apologise for the crappy spelling. Apologise, not correct. If it bugs you then you should probably stop reading now, because on a good day I can put a fifth-grader to shame and that's never going to stop - I can almost guarantee it. At the age of twenty-five, I still compulsively spell project with a 'd' - as in prodject - don't ask me why. And if any Americans are going to get bleak about the way that I spell humour, colour or apologise for that matter, all I can say is; we made it, you broke it. Maybe I'll post entirely in Ebonics one day. That ought to make them happy.

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