20 May 2008

Tom Fee Illustration

Marker rendering is not known for coming across as particularly original. No matter how much effort someone puts into a work, inevitably it comes out looking like a glorified scamp. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for marker work. I'm a fan of the rough, scamping style in general, although I do my best to keep it to as few colours as possible (for some reason, colour subtlety seems to have alluded a generous portion of the marker-artist world for generations). The problem is that there seems so little possible variation when it comes to markers: a marker work aways looks like a marker work (even when done very successfully, as with the work above). What really caught my eye when i visited Tom Fee's website was one image and one image only. I can't fault the rest of his work, except that I feel he has fallen into the same colour trap that most marker artists do, making it feel quite expected. The image that captured my attention, however, did so because of the sheer originality of it. Now, maybe someone has done something like this before (seems plausible I guess) but I've sure as hell never come across it. Squint your eyes until the two images overlap, then try and focus on the combined faces (similar to how you would view those three-dimensional pattern things) and see what happens. Pretty impressive for a marker work.

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