27 May 2008

Kudo's to Zapairo

Our premier political cartoonist, the ever-inspiring Zapiro, has once again managed to capture the emotion and sentiment felt my so many South Africans at the moment. So many people worked so hard and sacrificed so much - oftentimes their lives - to give our country hope. So many inspirational leaders and ordinary people bent their wills and hearts towards turning South Africa into a country to be proud of. After all this, how can so many people whom others have fought and died for be so quickly willing to tear it all down again in one great, violent wave of greed, envy, mistrust and fear. People are stupid. P.S. For the very few out there who don't know, the two characters are Ex-President Nelson Mandela and Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu. I'm sure that most would agree that in our world of fading hero's, these are two that you can still feel proud to look up to. Wise men who were once strong leaders, but whom many have now chosen to ignore - sometimes publicly - in favour of political and financial gain.

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