26 May 2008

After the Weekend - mini xenophobic update and new Lectcha Sketch

Any-who... so the last news I heard was that another person has been murdered during xenophobic violence over the weekend, along with over a thousand more people displaced. As to the sudden spike in race related rapes, I can't make any specific, well informed comments but, if popular media is to believed, they are disturbingly high. I was quite perturbed by my own reaction on hearing about the latest death - my first thought was; Thank heavens it wasn't more! Horrible, I know. But also an unfortunate reality. I can't claim to have my facts straight - the weekend isn't the best time for me and intelligent consideration - but things could have been a lot worse. Terrible abuses of personal rights and freedom were committed, and the violent actions perpetrated by those concerned cannot be forgiven or justly explained, but at least the death toll wasn't any higher - something that was expected after the sudden spike in violence over the two days preceding the weekend. But hey, the country's still standing for now. I'll make a more informed update in a day or two once my workload has died down. 'Till then, here 's another Lectcha Sketch: More fun at Brett's Funeral! (Here's hoping that's not a dramatic pun in the making...)

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