05 March 2008

The Work

My idea behind the video is to document the creases created by me nightly in and on the bed where I sleep.

A problem I encountered in the conceptual phase was how to remove myself from the work but not loose that sense of presence usually imbued by a visible subject. My answer came in the form of stop-motion. Stop-motion allowed me to create the feel of a false present subject while not distracting from the true subject – the traces on the bed and blankets; the whole room, really.

Not only do the rippling creases act as a symbolic way of attempting to reconcile the missing subject (who, through a beautiful act of allegory, becomes the viewer) with the lost experience, but they also, through our understanding, point to the events and experiences of the day. The creases of the bed become metaphors for the traces that are left on and by the body, and as they shift and change, constantly reshaping each other through their connection, they can be seen as an allegory for that constantly shifting and fluctuating semiotic framework that make up our selves.

Re-enter that invisible subject in the bed.

I love circles.

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