05 March 2008

It's the little things...

I've included this as a bit of an afterthought.
When I started this, it was all about me. Now with the video done, the "me" in it has become just another metaphor in the proverbial greater scheme. This is inevitable, of course. The point of creating a work is to communicate a concept to others and too much arrogance gets in the way of that. What's nice though is when the concept that you're trying so hard to convey appears to you one day in its purest simplicity, as it did to me earlier today. When i was younger, and smoked a lot more, I picked up the habit of selecting a virgin cigarette out of the pack. This cigarette would be removed and then returned to the pack upside down before any other cig was smoked and would remain in there 'till the last. This has followed me throughout the years until, it appears, I am the only one left doing it. I caught sight of this lone cigarette today - stark and white amidst the cork filters of those around it - and I knew that I had been there.

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