26 January 2011

War of the Worlds: Time lapse video by Rafael Asquith (Snide comments optional)

Just came across this fantastic video by Rafael Asquith at The Curious Brain.

None of the usual snide remarks on my part, just a really cool video.

Beautiful imagery combined with a stirring soundtrack (Kinda. It sounds like something one would describe as stirring. Of course, that would depend on one's definition of stirring. Both the intro to Apocalypse Now and the opening sequence of Undressed and Over Sexed were considerably stirring, but in dramatically different ways. I'm beginning to suspect that 'stirring' a misleading and altogether crap word')

Stirring: That feeling you get when your brain is balanced somewhere between ‘awesome’ and ‘upsetting’.
Right, I may have lied about the snide comments. 

I was surprised to discover how well the audio (both new and old) and video clips fit together. Hearing the old radio snippets again, however, I am reminded how phenomenally gullible the sod-pokers of New Jersey (not to mention the rest of the continent and several major newspapers) must have been to mistake this for an actual invasion, flying into what respected historians have referred to as a flurry of ball-numbing stupidity, especially when one considers that it had all been done before.

"God-damn you, New Jersey"

I can only imagine how proud of himself Orson Welles must have been up until the moment the pitchforks came out. Seriously, even Hitler called it, "evidence of the decadence and corrupt condition of democracy." Seriously, when the most super-evilest man in history is calling you a douche, maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Anyway, enough of my crap, Here’s the video.

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