25 August 2010

Why Freehand is Like a Dead Guy in Traffic

Having Freehand operating on a machine in an up to date agency is like being stuck behind a geriatric who's just suffered a fatal heart attack doing 40 in the fast lane. Initially, he just slows people down and pisses them off. The car cruises down the road, to all appearances harmless, all other commuters unaware that there is a corpse behind the wheel. This is until traffic makes a sudden turn, and the 'harmless' vehicle, propelled by software that is slowly beginning to bloat in the hot sun, plows into a roadside cafe, killing women, children and unemployed actors alike.

Using Illustrator to then try and fix this mess is like harvesting grandpa’s blasted organs to try and bring Little Jimmy (table 12, Cream-Soda Float, R12.50) back from the dead.

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