11 June 2008

Lectcha Sketch #8

A good long time has passed since my last post; lots of time to think, observe and consider the things that are going on around us and to try and come up with intelligent, communicable opinions and suggestions that I can impart, served up with some prime-cut cynicism and a ladle full of bias and belligerency. Yeah, I got nothing. I've been living in a hole for the last ten days (almost a joke - my room is only about 2.5 x 3 metres). If I mentioned how busy I was earlier then multiply it ten-fold and put a gun to my head. So instead of a glowing nugget of perception, I'll just leave you with the next Lectha Sketch. Maybe I'll offend someone - at least then I'll have accomplished something today. P.S. Trivium - good band. Just putting it out there...
Even MORE fun at Brett's funeral!!!

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