08 May 2008

What the Heck Is Emo?

Here are two emo sites I found (without much tying though, i must admit). I have to say, if you're an emo kid looking for some good resources, your a bit strapped for choice. What the Heck Is Emo : This one isn't so bad, and the guy is obviously trying to be objective. Quite a nice little History of Emo, but I have no way of knowing how accurate it is. The Emo Corner : Now this site is special. It would have us believe that dudes making out is the pinnacle of emo hotness. think I'll pass. Also, it makes the amazing claim; "Emo hair becoming Very Popular with Emo Kids". Who woulda thunk it? Luv-Emo : Apparently emo kids are persecuted because they have a condition...

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