22 May 2008

Lectcha Sketch #6

So this one is seriously lame, but that's never stopped me before :) I was just thinking about funerals and how seriously bored kids get. Kids automatically concider old people dull, and when I eventually peg it I don't want this stigma following me beyond the grave : "Golly gosh gee, do you remember that old geezer, Brett? Wow, he had a kak boring funeral" or something like that. So how do you entertain kids at a funeral? Easy, you give them candy - and there's so many fun, exciting and surprising ways to go about it... The reason that it is so badly drawn is that I was joking about it with a mate of mine during class and he was getting quite creeped out by the whole idea - heaven knows why - so I rustled up a visual as quickly as possible to lend emphasis to my inane ramblings. Have a few similar, more detailed ones on the way. God-damn, I'm gonna be an awesome granddad...

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