26 March 2008

The Shift

OK, so here's how things stand: the initial impetus behind this blog so far has run it's course, so it's time now for a little change. Seeing as how I am loath to let this site slip into the blog graveyard that seems to make up a huge part of the World Wide Web, I'm introducing a bit of a shift. This blog is to become a sort-of online journal of experiences. Don't worry, I'm not going to start pouring my heart out online or anything. Rather, I'm going to use this space to try and comment critically on the world that I encounter daily. The conceptual drive of the site isn't changing, I'm simply broadening its horizons - shifting those boundaries, you might say. Considering all that I've dealt with so far, it actually makes sense that this site should make a shift into a different direction. After all, that's pretty much what I've been writing about this whole time. Perhaps you could look at this as a way of searching for new inspiration.

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